2015 Award Recipients

Dave Muzyka
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Dave Muzyka. Thank you for your consistent commitment and dedication in serving those that are gifted, deaf, and hard of hearing and children with multiple impairments. Your work at T. H. Rogers School does not go unnoticed and is appreciated. We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!
Sandra Massie Hines
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Sandra Massie Hines. Affectionately known as the Mayor of Sunnyside Community. Advocating for those that are less fortunate, elderly, disabled and forgotten. Her mission has been and is to feed, save, and serve. We salute you! You are not only the Heart of Sunnyside, but the Heart of Houston!
Tre Thomas and Richard Hunter
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honorees Tre Thomas and Richard Hunter. Owners of the Catfish Station. They are very instrumental in volunteering and giving back to Houston area communities. We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!
Eladia Ayala
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Eladia Ayala. As owner of 9 Meat markets called Telolopar Across Houston. You continue to exemplify excellence by helping others. Assisting those in need, donating to various causes and charities. You are always eager to volunteer and help those in your community. We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!
Juan Cuevas
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Juan Cuevas. CEO and founder of Fanatical Change Foundation. Juan Cuevas has inspired and impacted the lives of so many. Juan’s ability to restore transparency and intimacy in charitable giving is unmeasurable. You are the change and the bridge we need I. Giving back and building a stronger community. We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!
Shari Bihms
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Shari Bihms. Houston’s Family and Personal injury lawyer. Shari has a heart and passion to help and mentor young women. The dedication and commitment she displays is heartfelt. Creating various mentoring programs and many sleepovers for girl talks, she has been instrumental by inspiring and educating young women! We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!
Jessica Smith
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Jessica Smith.
Janice Peterson
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Janice Peterson. National recording artist Janice Peterson is no stranger to Houston. As CEO and founder of Ecinaj. Ms. Peterson serves on various transitional living facility projects and community outreach programs. Your commitment to mentor, educate and inspire young boys and girls does not go unnoticed. We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!
Marilyn Gambrell
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Marilyn Gambrell. As CEI and Founder of No More Victims, Marilyn has gone over and beyond to help children of incarcerated parents. Marilyn has mentored and impacted the lives of so many. Known to many as mom, she has been the refuge and hope they need for a better tomorrow. You are a beacon of light where there is darkness. We salute you! You are the Haart if Houston!
Prasad Menon
Recognizing Houston’s 2015 Humanitarian Honoree Prasad Menon CEO and Founser of Bayou Micro-Fund. Through his foundation, he has been able to facilitate loans and mentor budding entrepreneurs. Prasad has a passion beyond measure to help those build and finance their ambitions through creating a vibrant micro-lending program. We salute you! You are the Heart of Houston!

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